What i love

  • my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ
  • to snuggle in the safety of hubby's arms
  • my kids' laughter
  • chocolate (well it's true)
  • daisies
  • candles of any kind
  • warm bubble baths

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today i am 32 years old!! I cannot believe it! I remember when i was little how 32 seemed so old, but now that i am here, it doesn't feel that old at all! I have so many reasons to be happy and thankful. I have had a blessed life that is sure. So here' a little self portrait of being me at 32 :
1. I am a Child of the KING! I mean it really doesn't get any better than this does it?
2. I get to be the wife of the most loving and wonderful husband! He KNOWS me, knows me and loves me anyhow. Man i am a lucky girl!
3. They call me Mommy... and yes somedays it seems like i would like to change my name, i would not trade a minute for the love and joy that these 3 little blessings have brought to my life.
4. I have been so blessed with friendship, they just fill my heart and love me as only girlfriends can
5. I love birthday cake, especially the icing!
6. I got flowers from a friend today, she does not know me that well, but somehow managed to get me daisies and pink roses too... my TWO favorite flowers. They made me smile today!
7. My house is finally a home, it took us a long time to get that cozy lil nest, but I think we have managed to create that safe haven we wanted.
9. I love pink… yeah I know cliché, but I do…
10. I am getting crow’s feet around my eyes, I really noticed them today.
11. I love to shop, it is a problem really, and I can control my impulses better, but I still love to go shopping!
12. Chocolate is my sister, really, we are related.
13. I have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles, I have tried to stop… but oh well.
14. I love scrapbooking, anything really related to scrapbooking especially if it is made by Chatterbox.
15. I am a BAG fanatic, I love bags, purses, you name it, although I don’t actually OWN that many, I love them!
16. I also love BOWLS, and yeah I do own a lot of bowls, and they are so cute!
17. I have developed a flip flop fetish… finally after many years of swearing I could not wear them.. I LOVE them, have em in every color!
18. I love music, since I was little, songs have always soothed my soul. I love all kinds of music, not just typical girl stuff like Celine Dion, but I love oldies, Stevie Wonder and Jackson 5, I love aerosmith, and 80’s music, I love praise and worship music. Pretty much if it sings, I like it, with the exception of the Freaky heavy stuff… YUK
19 I like the smell of playdough, yeah it’s weird, but its me…
20. I love the beach, the ocean and the Majesty and vastness of this glorious creation of God.
21. I have a serious addiction to the smell of Chatterbox paper!
22. comfort food makes me a very happy girl… mac and cheese, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, warm fresh bread… mmmmmmmmm
23. I m an organization freak wanna be… I love containers, baskets and having everything neat and tidy, somehow I can’t quite manage it…but I pack a suitcase very well!
24. I hate scary movies, I refuse to watch them EVER
25. Thunderstorms are way cool, except when the sky goes green, then I am hiding in my closet!
26. Gap jeans are the best!
27. when I concentrate really hard, I chew on the inside of my lip… gross I know, but I don’t even know I am doing it most of the time
28. my idea of a great alone day is rainy, starbucks, new book, curl up on the couch and nap… then I don’t wanna be so alone anymore.
29. I am a terrible procrastinator, really
30. cold weather makes me want to hibernate, don’t like it, even tho snow IS beautiful.. from inside the warm house.
31. Did I mention I love chatterbox?!
32. I am so very blessed, and I love to be me (today) haha

Monday, July 17, 2006

its heating up!!!

k so it is like 9000 degrees outside right now... ok ok maybe not quite that hot, but it is triple digits anyhow... and as far as i am concerned HOT ENOUGH!!!
Well i am trying to get an appointment with an internist... like a specialist, but not so much, to do something about my health issues, and hopefully soon i will be feelin better. My kid's dr gave me an rx for my thyroid meds to help me get over this hump until i can get in to see this other dr. HOpefully i won't have to wait too long for an appt, as i only have 1 month of synthroid. In any case i will have a whole month of dr's appts between aug and sept seeing my gyn dr to get my oil checked, my mamogram to get my lumps checked and hopefully this internist for my hormones... lemme tell ya i am a wreck right now!!! I know God is the great physician and makes all things good, so i am just praying for Him to give the drs wisdom so i can somehow feel normal again, whatever that is! My birthday is wednesday.. i am gonna be 32! WoW hard to believe, i cannot believe how the time flies. Many of my dreams have come true in my life, and i cannot imagine being more blessed than i have been, tho i know God is not thru with me yet!

I am getting ready to be a tv star... ok maybe not a star, but MV.com is doing some video classes with the DT girls in august, and i have to come up with a couple of classes and techniques to teach on the video. Now i have not taught classes for a while and i am a little rusty, but that is not so bad as the thought of having a camera pointed at me, and i am sure that my face will erupt into a raging hormonal acne fit about 2 days before, so i will look terrible. Not to worry, i will try my best to not look like one of those backwoods natural disaster news interviews... you know the ones.. the ones that make southerners look like complete hicks... i swear that is the only ones they put on the tv... makes me so proud!! hehe I am gonna have to concentrate really hard to sound intelligent and professional and not do all this "and ummmm" "yeah ummm" and stuff like that!

On another note, my girlfriends and i are getting ready for another road trip... in august as well, to CK convention in tulsa, ok, Should be a lot of fun, and hope to get a bunch of cropping done!!
MY kids are having a great summer, chelsea just got back from a church camp last week, and next week will be going to kid's camp in MO. SHe is really excited and can't wait to hang out with her friends. THe other 2 are hanging out here at the house, playing outside and drinking gallons of koolaid! We are having a good time and cannot believe there is only about 5 weeks til school starts again.
i guess that is it! all the stout family news... at least all that i can share public-ly!~