What i love

  • my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ
  • to snuggle in the safety of hubby's arms
  • my kids' laughter
  • chocolate (well it's true)
  • daisies
  • candles of any kind
  • warm bubble baths

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

i have a new daughter!

Say HELLO to Silviya!!! She is my beautiful new daughter from Bulgaria!! We are hosting a forgien exchange student for the next 10 months... and she is settling in to our crazy hectic life! She is a quiet girl, beautiful and very affectionate. She loves the kids and they already love her too!! We are really excited to learn about her culture and language, and hope to teach her some things about our culture as well. I am sure you all will get to meet her and spend some time with her along the way... hope to introduce her to scrapping, and help her make a book to take home with her!!

So for now... off to shuttle 4 kids to 3 different schools!!