What i love

  • my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ
  • to snuggle in the safety of hubby's arms
  • my kids' laughter
  • chocolate (well it's true)
  • daisies
  • candles of any kind
  • warm bubble baths

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School 2010

I just gotta say, it has been a good summer, but in all honesty I am glad for school to be starting...

I like the smell of new school supplies, new shoes and peanut butter in lunchboxes.

I like the routine of getting up and getting chores done before and after school again. I like homework in all its ups and downs and fall football just around the corner. Don't get me wrong, I miss the kids being home all day... (who am I kidding haha) no not really, it is nice for a break, and my house stays a bit cleaner, I enjoy their company more when I don't have to spend every waking moment getting on to them for bickering and tearing down my house.

I don't think that makes me a bad mom, I mean its not like I kicked them outta the van and took off tires sqealing or anything, I DID walk them to their class lines and said goodbye then ran like crazy... JUST KIDDING.

They allowed me to take one quick pic... and as cute as the 8th grader looked she allowed a mini shoot in the pretty morning light just for mom... here you go...