What i love

  • my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ
  • to snuggle in the safety of hubby's arms
  • my kids' laughter
  • chocolate (well it's true)
  • daisies
  • candles of any kind
  • warm bubble baths

Saturday, June 02, 2007

i love this kid!

so school is out... and this beautiful girl brings me all the junk that is in her desk in a big ole walmart sack to sort thru. yeah me! and as i am sorting out the junk from the keep stuff i run across this treasure... spelling has been left as it was written.....

My Mom

My favorite person is my mom. she is there for me. Even when I'm not very good she is still there & when I'm just so mad it hurts.
Just when she is about to pull her hair out she stops and thinks of why she is so mad and trys not to lauges (laugh).
When we go to the movies we see somting that we both want to see.
If you think I'll trad her out. Well your wrong. I love her and I will always stick with her.

and then i forget about all the junk i had to dig thru to find this most precious scrap of paper.. thoughts in her heart, about me... i am so blessed really blessed and realize that no matter how much junk i have to dig thru, this little bit of heaven is so worth it!