What i love

  • my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ
  • to snuggle in the safety of hubby's arms
  • my kids' laughter
  • chocolate (well it's true)
  • daisies
  • candles of any kind
  • warm bubble baths

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

summertime is here!

my kids mark the beginning of summertime with the pool opening.... and it opened this weekend, so i guess at our house it is officially summer! i too ke the kids to the pool Sunday after church and they had such a good time splashing in the "baby" pool while i relaxed under the canopy and read a book...
CHelsea's gills have shown up, and she is a little fish, and wants to go everyday! I guess this is the first summer since we have lived here we will actually get our $200 bucks worth out of this pool... (we pay housing dues to use it).
We went again yesterday and i actually GOT IN!! I know hold onto your swimtrunks, i wore a bathing suit and got into the cold water (which by the way i HATE that first initial shivering jump) but after i was in, i stayed for a long time, teaching lucas to trust his floaties, and mia how to float using a noodle. we all had a great time, but were sure TIRED after we got home! Everyone went to bed early, and it was NICE for a change especially after spending the whole weekend roofing and doing yard work, we are worn out still, but are a little over 1/2 done with the roof, and plan to finish it this upcoming weekend. SO just about finished with the home makeover for a long while!

I guess that is it for this week....

Friday, May 26, 2006

setting a new record...

WOW twice in one week? i must be doing ok....
now that i have my digi i thought i would share a few pics that i took with it this week... lucas preschool graduation was last night, and i must tell you that i bawled like a baby! THey had a photo slideshow to music that song that says" you were mine for a while to hold, ... i pray that god will fill your heart with dreams, and that he will give you courage to go and do great things.... OH MAN talk about tearin a mommy all to pieces.. it just made me realize as many things do, how very quickly time passes and right now it is preschool graduation but in the blink of an eye it will be highschool graduation... OK I HAVE TO stop or i will start crying again! I really did ok, i teared up a bit during the slide show, but then his teacher got up to address the parents and just lost it.... and then i got that UGLY cry going the kind when your face is all screwed up and your breath comes in short lil gasps... and you are trying to be quiet.... NOT A DRY EYE IN THE HOUSE!!! she was so sweet and thanked us for sharing our most precious kids with her all year, and how much she LOVED them and will miss them each day SOB>>>>>
ok i gotta post pics... i am dyin here....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I am soooo very excited my sweet husband finally gave me the go ahead to get my dream camera!! I did not waste any time shopping for the best deal before he had a chance to change his mind! haha
I bought a Nikon D70s package on ebay for a GREAT price and lots of extra accessories with 2 lenses, batteries, bag, tripod and all kinds of stuff!! I am so excited that i finally got it, and i already love it! Tonight is the first chance i got to play around with it after i got it charged and programmed. I took some photos of Lucas' tee-ball game... and i need to upload them to see how easy that process will be... i will be posting pics as soon as i can figure everything out.

In the mean time, everything at our house is still hectic, we finished all the floors and moved onto the ROOF... tearing off 2 layers of shingles, and putting new ones on... my mom and dad are here helping after work and we are going on week 2 of this process... HOT and very backbreaking work! Good thing they are 20 year shingles, next time around we will be too old for this junk and can hire someone else to do it for us!!!
Only 1 week of school left for chelsea and lucas gets out thursday.. they are both itching to get to the pool ASAP and i am sure we will be there ALOT this summer!
I guess that is it for now...

Friday, May 05, 2006

welll... i guess i really am bad...

at this whole blog thing i mean... i can't seem to keep up with it. i mean it has been since MARCH!! and really the only valid excuse i have has been in the last few weeks we have had the floors redone in every room of the house, and i did not have a computer for almost 2 weeks!! but other than that... nothin... i think i am in some kind of funk lately. I am tired all the time, i don't wanna do anything, not even scrapbook, and that is an extreme funk! i need to go back to the dr and get my thyroid checked, since it has now been 4 months off my meds, and i can tell by hormones are going crazy by my moods and the fact that my face has turned into a pizzaria of raging teenage acne... never had it as a teen, but i guess i am making up for it in my 30's- go figure! Oh welll, that is all that has been going on in my life, but our family has been blessed with 2 beautiful babies this past month of April! Kellar Reid born to Joey and Chrystal who is in Dallas and beginning to improve a tiny lil bit each day, is now up over 2 pounds... and is so beautiful... i just know God has great plans for this lil miracle!! And Sydney Elyse Kirkland born a week later to Courtney and Shane ( joey's sister...) i am sure she is beautiful as well, but we have not been blessed with any photos of her as of yet...?? so we have had 2 wonderful miracles added to this family this year following last summer's losses of dear to our hearts very loved ones... but the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, and someday we will all meet again!
so that is really all that is up with me... going to crop at leanne's tonight, a good girls night out and i am looking forward to it, don't really have any idea what i am gonna work on... but i will figure something out!~
i will TRY to do better at keepin up this blog thingie...