What i love

  • my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ
  • to snuggle in the safety of hubby's arms
  • my kids' laughter
  • chocolate (well it's true)
  • daisies
  • candles of any kind
  • warm bubble baths

Friday, October 03, 2008

Creative Escape(S)

Well as usual it is long since i have updated... so here goes:

September 3-7 i joined April Leanne and Angie in Arizona for the Heidi Swapp Creative Escape. I had a GREAT time! all the classes save one were really good, i loved the projects! One thing was no crop nights... but honestly by the time we had done 4 classes all day, i was give out!! I don't think even Starbucks could have kept me up to crop... All in all it was a good trip. Great shopping, met some new friends.. who i hope we see again cuz they are FUN!
We shopped at this great store (or a few great stores) Mystic Paper, downtown...think van buren small antique store setting narrow but goes back a long way... vintagey decor, papers, ephemera... really COOL stuff. Then also Scrapbooks ETC which was great and had lots of new cool toys... i really liked this store and the way it was organized. Also the Bazzill factory sale.... stock up on cardstock!! i had to ship a box home because it would not fit in my suitcase... bad!!

So in between then and now, we have just been normal, getting the kids routine for school down, and mornings are so hard, especially now that they are dark and cold when we get up... makes getting out of your nice warm bed reallly hard! But they are all doing very well, Chelsea is doing Student Council and Celebration Team, and then she is cheering for a football team, her social calendar takes a lot of mom chauffering around town these days...
Lucas is doing really well, he is a fantastic student, and really enjoys the routine and has just flourished in the school setting. surprising, but very welcome. He is playing golf this year and is enjoying that too, i imagine we will be following him on the PGA tour someday with the way he has taken to it!
Little Mia mouse has gotten used to kindergarten, and is doing well, learning to write her letters and making friends. She is exhausted when she gets home each day, so bedtime has become very easy, as most nights she asks me to just come tuck her in (before8:30!). Her extra curricular activity is just being cute and she is quite good at it! She is such a funny girl!

Yesterday was Tom and my 9th wedding anniversary... 9 years!!! WOW babe! 9 years that have been so blessed by love and children and laughter and sprinkled with tears, and even a little heartache. we have grown together and learned from each other and i love him more today than i did 9 years ago... my heart.. my love... til we are old and wrinkled together!
We got to have a date night, and went to see Fireproof... O MY yeah you need to see it. it is food for the marriage... good, take kleenex, and share with your wife! haha
Then we treated ourselves to Red Lobster, yum! and went home and watched the debates... so romantic!! haha it actually was a great evening and i love having the blessing of family nearby so Tom and i can have date nights!!

Tonight i get to go with Julie and head to the mountain where we have our Memoryvilla retreat, and have a little girl time this weekend, cropping and laughing and eating too much junk food, should be a good time! Hopefully will get some gift projects done for Christmas this year!
So... Thats all with me and all of our bunch! busy crazy and loving every minute of it!

will post pics from CE and other after i get back this weekend!