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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

election day...

well i was not going to vote. Really i was just going to let this day pass like any other and let other people make the decisions... i prefer it that way.. blissful ignorance. Until i talked to my friend Rhonda, who asked me if i had voted yet... i said no and she looked at me like "WHY?!" She really did not say much except "You need to go vote today", and i just planned to you know in one ear and out the other... that lil advice (sorry)
honestly i have lost all faith in the american government, and its elected officials. You vote for certain people because they tell you where they stand only to get elected and either reverse their stance completely or start playing hopscotch.... I just get tired of it...

then after i left her house, i got to thinking in my car on the way home (a very dangerous past-time i must say) and it occurred to me that if i did NOT vote not only would i not have the right to complain about what america is becoming, but more importantly by remaining silent i would be compromising what i belive to be right and true to the overwhelming majority of wicked Godless people who are trying to steer this country in that direction (away from God). I had this huge conviction that it was my duty as a Christian to stand up and vote and even if my voice is a whisper in the crowd, it might be heard by someone, and that someone may be the someone who shouts to the masses.
Not only my Christian duty (which is most important) but also my duty as a woman... how many countless women (and some men) gave their lives so i would have the right to have an opinion in how my cuontry is lead? Too many, too many for me to remain silent and unconcerned.

So thank you Rhonda, you made me think today (so dangerous), but it was something i needed.
Thank you...


Rhonda said...

Okay...the funny thing is that I was just thinking about our conversation about this while watching results come in. I have to say that reading this made me cry. Because I don't want to shove my opinions down anyone's throat or tell someone how they should feel or what they should do. But at the same time I was feeling inside of me all the things you just said. Even if my vote was just a whisper...if everyone whispers at once people hear. And yes, what if we finally get someone who will shout to the masses. What do we teach our children about the power they possess the power to change the world...to make a difference. Thank you Melanie...you gave me a huge gift today...and I promise you did make a difference today. And you said a big thank you to all those who came before to make what we did today possible. And you gave a gift to me. I love you!

shawnda said...

I am really glad you decided to take a stand and vote. It makes a big statement and everything you said was right on the point! We have no right to complain about what our country is becoming unless we do our Christian and civic duty and vote. Every vote counts even if it's not the results we wanted! Love ya girl.

Monica said...

Yea, that Rhonda makes you think. Good for you, your voice was heard today. Every vote for the right guy matters. Even if he doesn't win, your vote was counted and the person who did win knows where you stand. If that makes any sense!

stephfreeman said...

so I am behind on reading this.... but glad you voted.