What i love

  • my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ
  • to snuggle in the safety of hubby's arms
  • my kids' laughter
  • chocolate (well it's true)
  • daisies
  • candles of any kind
  • warm bubble baths

Thursday, November 30, 2006

it's beginning to look alot like christmas

christmas is coming!!! i am getting my shopping almost done...i just have a few things to pick up... and then AHHHH done!!
hopefully we are gonna get our tree this weekend and get our christmas card photos taken this weekend too! so... sooonnnn lalalalala!

then the real fun starts... we are doing our baby jesus basket again this year, our kids are already asking about it, and i reassured them that yes we would be doing that, it is tuned into something very dear and special to the holiday season for our family.
baking christmas cookies, caroling, and then lots of nights of warm fires, popcorn, and christmas movies! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
i have lots of goodies and treats planned for those i love and they will be spoiled with homemade gifts and yummy christmas love!

hope you all are finding your christmas spirit... otherwise come sit by me!!


Monica said...

I need some Christmas spirit!! My poor tree is sitting here naked!

shawnda said...

Hope you have fun picking out your tree! Mines up but needs some serious TLC after Emilee pulled all the lights off the bottom.LOL Thanks for sharing you Christmas cheer.

Julie said...

i'll bet the house smells great with that tree!!

stephfreeman said...

Merry Christmas to you Miss Christmas Spirit! Glad things are coming along so well! Love ya!