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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

i am such a terrible blogger!

and to leave all of my loyal (2) readers hanging about the remainder of our Disney trip was just unforgivable!

ok so i know you have been waiting, refreshing, and waiting some more. so here you go! (haha)
Days 3 and 4 Disney:

Magic Kingdom. Well named, it is magical in every way, right down to the sidewalks. Every detail, every flower arrangement, music, people singing and dancing in the streets, it was just amazing, It truly is one of the happiest places on earth, everyone is happy, well except the 2 yr olds about naptime, but besides that, really everyone is so nice.

We started day 3 December 30th, bright and early, stroller loaded down, and headed into the park. We made it down main street, stopped in a few shops, listened to a sidewalk quartet all dressed in Christmas best, and then made our way to the center hub. We had a stop off at the Chapeaux, to get our Mickey ears, watched the marching bands perform, and saw Pinocchio from a distance.

We made our way towards the Castle. OH MY GOODNESS!!! The kids were bouncing up and down, especially Mia who thought she was gonna meet a princess (yep but later) at the castle, had to stop and get a quick photo op at the castle, then made our way all the way down to the court. We got there just in time for the start of a stage show, where ALL the main characters performed... AND 3 of the Princesses!!! Mia was beside herself. Daddy put her on his shoulders so she could see better, and Mom snapped away with the camera!

Next we headed to the left to Liberty Square took in some sights and ran thru to Frontier Land. We got on Splash Mountain pretty quickly followed by Big Thunder Mtn Railroad. We stopped for lunch at Tom Sawyers Island, and explored a bit around that, caves, little hideouts and such, the kids really enjoyed this quiet spot to play.

After lunch we headed back across to do The Haunted Mansion and then on to some of the other attractions on that side of the park, lots and lots of rides that day, none too big or scary, and we all had a great time. We got to see the Christmas Parade in Frontier land, front row seats... all the characters were in this one too. Santa came towards the end and actually called out from his perch Merry Christmas "Chelsea Lucas and Amelia" the kids were all amazed that he knew their names, while the grownups shared a giggle (they had name shirts on), but it was magical for them, and we did not ruin the magic, altho Chelsea figured it out pretty quickly she was kind to keep that to herself.

We ended the night early, we took the train back around to main street and planned to leave by 4pm, but we ended up getting out by about 5:30, still a nice early day.

Day 4 Magic Kindom New Year's Eve countdown... 16 hours til midnight....
So the plan for the day was to go early, leave around lunchtime and then come back around 6pm and stay til midnight. That was the plan. It was a great plan. We did not pack a stroller, we did not pack snacks, we did not plan to stay past lunchtime.
Head into the park, first thing in the morning, we headed over to Fantasy land where we got in line for Princess Greeting, while the boys and chelsea headed over to Space Mtn. We waited in line about an hour, but it was so worth it. MIA got to meet Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle all in one fell swoop. The look on her face was just priceless, worth every penny we spent getting there. Mimi got us tickets for Peter Pan, then we headed to see Ariel while the others stood in line for Dumbo. Got Ariel, rode Dumbo, then Peter Pan, then a whole bunch of other things in a row...... we found out about 11am while standing in line for something... that the park was closed.

There were 80 THOUSAND people in Magic Kingdom, it was at capacity and they are not letting anyone else in. So after a quick conference, we decided that if we left we would most likely not get back in that night to see the big celebration. So we headed off to find lunch, and then spent the rest of the afternoon leisurely enjoying the sites on that side of the park. I have to say the kids were amazingly NON whiney even without the stroller, they did just great.

countdown... 8 hours to go...

About 4pm, we headed back to the castle, found a spot on the sidewalk in front of the castle, spread out beach towels and camped out... there were many people finding similar spots and doing the same thing. we had a great couple of familes around us, and towards show times random people would try to crowd in, but the security made them leave and told them that we had chosen to stay there all afternoon and they would not allow anyone to come crowd us out.

So we had front row seats for marching bands, christmas parade, Spectromagic Parade, all the castle court shows and such thru the evening.

About every 30-45 minutes there was a show or parade, so we were entertained and sitting after 4 days was pretty nice. Somebody went for dinner, then the magic started about dark... first with the Spectromagic parade, then with the Wishes show where Cinderella comes and makes a wish and they light the castle. Now we did not see this the night before because we left early, so this was the most amazing show! They lit that castle up from top to bottom with crystal icicle lights, and i have to be honest i cried... i just cried like a baby, it was so pretty and my kids were so amazed and it was really very magical to them. I took so many pictures of that castle it is just crazy!!

Then radio Disney started broadcasting and it was just a big street party only with out the drunks.... people were singing the songs, and dancing... Chelsea did the cuban shuffle and some other things they learned at school with Lucas on main st in front of the castle, even Tom got in on the fun... Mia passed out after the 2nd Spectromagic parade... and slept all thru this part, we woke her up just before midnight, and the HUGEST fireworks show i have ever seen...

who says white boys can't dance?!

Earlier in the day Disney was handing out black top hats and noisemakers for the big party, so we all donned our gear and got ready for the countdown... IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! 80000 people blowing their horns, yelling Happy New Year, fireworks, kisses, lots of hugs and laughter. fun i tell you. Then came the grand finale... and we gathered up all our stuff and made a mass exodus down main street all joined together like a train. it was NUTS getting out of there, but we did not lose anyone and ended our Disney days with a big celebration.

We decided we had to come back... again... when Chelsea is a Senior we are planning another trip... only maybe not at new years, but it was one to be remembered for sure.

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Julie said...

Okay...I just checked this a few days ago and it was still Hollywood Studios. Now it is this and says you updated on the 7th? What the deal, Phil?

Love the pic of Tom. I'm dying laughing. haha!!!

I miss you!